About us

The aim of our company is to guarantee our customers to find everything with an excellent quality and preferential price.

Next to the wide assortment our company also offers more services, so that our customers get exactly what they are looking for at the very time they need it.

According to this we help with consultancy to purchasers who visit us. In view of the need of the customers, our employees are willing to show the different possibilities we offer and present the assortment.

We keep more than 4000 products in steady stock from screws to exclusive freestone pavement. Items we do not keep in stock could be provided in short deadline.

Mechanical loading is gratuitous in the premise.

With our own motor-vehicles we undertake home delivery, too.

Adjust to the need our purchasers, we offer flexible payment options like card payment.

The clientele of our company is growing year by year. Thank to this confidence we attempt to provide services with higher and higher quality.

In our premise you can find everything which can be necessary for construction, restoration or horticulture.

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